• Hi Druanna and Darren, Thanks so much for this informative weekend, I just knew there was m ore to this existence!

-Art Painchaud


• Hello Druanna, This was an incredible eye opening experience. I would recommend you as a teacher to anyone on this path. I thank you for opening my eyes to the deception that has been going on in this realm and reinforces that we all we brought here to do good for the future of man kind. 
Thanks again, Love and Light - Jeffrey Pizzonia

• Hi Druanna. I had a wonderful time at the three-day workshop last weekend. Thank you very much for a fun, informative weekend. I look forward to going through the materials and doing the exercises. There was a lot to take in. I am already seeing a lot of things changing for me. I had vivid dreams. In one of them, I explored a city, supposedly San Francisco, but nothing was as I remembered and the sky was illuminated with a glow at night. -Dennis

• Love goes out for both of you Druanna and  your husband who so wonderfully suited  all together.. fun and serious things,.. so much fun with growing hand and muscle test ( my son now tasting everything and shrunkening also :))and wow .. Passion Test ..isn't that a one.. let me tell you..helped so much !Greatest test ever..  I am working on it today and will come as I am...soon I can make a video and will send it on email as PDF or if you could tell me which time you would be able to connect with me on Skype I would be ready by then.. I just saw 11:11 on clock 3 days ago and lots of 7 and 5 and 8 lately if counting together.. and when you dear invited us to  wonderful 4D healing , I went to such a bliss.. unforgettable ..  thank you so much ! and what a great souls were there , Cynthia ( my favourite ) and others, all of them, blessings to all !!! thank you so much Druanna for unique chance meet him online, it just blowed my mind.. about angels who come on every  Thursdays to heel us.. I went to tears..have to find white clothes now for all my family . I am drinking my tea now  and thinking.. wow how amazing .. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AROUND THE WORLD , SO UNIQUE SOULS YOU CAN MEET WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR JOY.. and my joy is to find the things for humanity what belongs to us , what feeds our souls , body and mind the most.. - Krista From Latvia


• I have been a student of Druanna's for many years now and it wasn't until this year that I made the advance forward in many areas.  Although I was not able to make it in person, I am just as pleased to be a part of the online community.  The information gleaned this weekend has raised my vibration a hundredfold.  Never have I been so absolute in my direction and goals.  Druanna has not only been an amazing teacher over the years but someone I can call friend.  Thank you so much for leading us. xoxo until the next time we come together - keep focused and love yourself daily.


• I was so grateful for making the trip to be at this event in Cancun, Mexico. Meeting Dr. Druanna in person was like meeting a down to earth celebrity (full of positive life energy and knowledge) to which she is on her way of coming, being an authority in uplifting and success principles. Also, meeting her beloved husband, Daren, who is very approachable, cool, and strong spirit individual. I must thank the universe for allowing me to connect with Dr. Druanna and her husband. I have the tools to continue my life journey for accomplishing my goals and strengthening my spiritual walk.  The journey of life must lead one to the destiny to where they want to be. I will hold on to the secret things that God has giving me, not everyone is worthy of this privilege. Sincerely, -Christopher Reid

• Hi, Druanna, This is my testimonial for the Workshop.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. "I did the in-person Workshop with Dr. Druanna Johnston and Darren Goodheart with special presentations by Max.  All I can say is mind blowing!  It don't know where to begin.  The workshop started with an amazing and in depth presentation by M1 on human history and origins.  The depth and clarity of M1's knowledge and wisdom is amazing.  I was impressed to see him talk for 3 hours on this topic with no notes and just from memory.  This was followed by in class exercises led by Dr. Druanna and Darren Goodheart.   The exercises were fun and very interesting.  We did exercises from NLP, Success Principles and QHHT. I learned a lot about myself and my fellow students doing these exercises.  I was also able to develop a deeper bond with my fellow students while doing the exercises.   All three days of the workshop had presentations and personal development exercises led by Dr. Druanna Johnston and Darren Goodheart.


Dr. Druanna Johnston and Darren Goodheart are both friendly and caring instructors and facilitators.  It was evident how much they cared for supported us as their students. They also shared with us their personal experiences with the personal development tools and techniques they were teaching us. I learned a lot about myself during this workshop.  I realized how l limit my personal development through limiting beliefs and inner doubts. I learned also how to overcome my inner fears and limitations so that I can achieve my dreams. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to develop and improve their life.  I think the workshop is best done in person since you can interact with new people and gain a new perspective on yourself.  Also the group energy dynamic with the instructors and my fellow students gave me a constructive and supportive environment that helped me to accelerate my personal development and growth."



Atma Namaste Dr. Dru! OMG! Thank You for Everything i feel the Training was Perfect the Work sheets are Amazing! The Whole Experience was yet another wake up call i Realized my Strengths & Weaknesses I´m still Recovering from the poisoning i could tell when i spoke in-front of every1 i shut down & went back in my bubble. The workshop Also is Amazing because you Provide the Tools to Strengthen one's Life get it back on track, Create & Evolve. I Didn´t want to leave you guys i Pray 1 day soon ill be able to work along side You, Mr. Goodheart, & you've Provided me with the Keys to make this Happen! I AM Truely Honored & Forever Greatful!. -Alexio A. Mesica🙏

Love yall too:-) the Workshop was truly amazing still feeling the positive waves of energy flowing from our group. Dru, Darren, truly amazing. Definitely looking forward to meeting my galactic family again!
The workshop was also elevating! Thank you soo very much for the wisdom and enlightenment bestowed.

-Walter Barnes Life5Path

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