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To Your Inner Genie EBOOK!

ATTENTION: Creative and Entrepreneur minded, Life Coaches, Starseeds, Psychics, Awake and Aware, Consultants, Business Owners, Workers, House wifes, Moms, etc

 Do you want freedom? Do you wish to Access your own inner power? To Manifest the life you dream of? To BREAK FREE out of Slave Mode?

 Here is our Secret Weapon to Access that powerful side of You known as your Genie, Higher Mind, Superconscious, The I AM, GOD GODDESS WITHIN!




In order to transform your life it must begin from inside. We all have that Magickal Genie inside of us known as the Superconscious. You can ask it anything, and communicate with it like a good friend. You can also ask for ways it can help you in or out of a situation. It is known through out ancient times as being your holy guardian angel, your higherself, the universal mind, and connects with Source, God, Goddess of all creation. Whenever you feel lost, sad, or need a solution to a problem, the answers are inside of you. Because you are that spark of Source. In this ebook I take you on a journey and adventure how I learned about this special gift we all have access to. From going through a traumatic divorce which left me out on the street, to becoming a Youtube Celebrity, creating thriving online businesses where I was able to fund my trips around the world with my family. All because I learned along the way from very significant mentors in my life who got me to see life from a whole other perspective. One was a self made Millionaire, who opened my eyes to my true power that helped me shape my reality they way I wanted and no longer be a victim of circumstances. 

Let me introduce myself.


Hi, I'm Druanna Johnston.

I been a digital business nomad and marketer since 2008 when I began my career on Youtube. I was awarded the Silver button in 2017 after having over 125k subscribers. My family and I traveled the world to many destinations such as Thailand, Egypt, Peru, UK, Mexico just to name a few. I´ve hit the quarter of a million dollar mark and owned two yachts living on a tropical island for a few years and have been known all over for my digital ecourses in helping others with solutions.

I can tell you that I do know everything there is to know due to my successes and failures in life. From our experiences we can show you how to unleash your potential to:


-Attract any Answers to your problems.  

-To Bring in the love of your life, Soul Mate, or Twin Flame

-Attract the lucrative opportunities to your doorstep, your life!

-Gain the confidence to ask for anything you wish and KNOW ITS COMING!

-Have Unshakeable Faith

-Increase your energy, libido!

-Restore your health and feel 10-15 years younger

-Use this power to manifest YOUR DESIRES!

I know A LOT—especially when it comes to assisting many of my students and my good friends with these excellent techniques! I know whenever I am stuck I can always pull myself out of it, because I know it had nothing to do with the external world or the economy! It had everything to do with me! Which gave me the power to turn everything around whenever I made that DECISION! 

By utilizing the techniques in this book my husband and I been able to make our dreams come true. Travel the World, live in over 10 countries, living the life we truly deserve!

 You can do the same. We show you how to unlock that dormant power within to be the infinite being you were here to be today!

Learn how to tap into this amazing power to control the forces to bring you what you desire, anything that is in alignment with your heart. I bless everyone who reads this book that you will find the abundance, and happiness you deserve! You are meant to be happy, and living in absolute joy. 

-Imagine having the freedom to experience life to the fullest!

-To never be afraid of living your life on your terms!

-Have the power to make that decision right here and now to go after your goals and do what you love!

-Feel young again, vibrant again, filled with energy and superconfidence!

-People will notice a huge change in you after practicing these techniques they wouldn´t even recognize you!




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