Intuitive Coaching

Do you need help in making a decision? Are you with the right person? Do you need to change your job? Career? Is life looking a bit uncertain? Especially now during the Covid season? Feeling unsure of where your life should go from here? As an intuitive empath, clairvoyant, Dr Druanna Wails can assist you on your journey. Her natural ability to intuitively know what is needed can help you immensely. As a tarot master since the age of 17, she finds that this skill has helped her with her own life when she is going through a time of indecision. But it doesn´t stop with the reading, she also helps give you a spiritual adjustment to remove all negative attachments, and unwanted blocks from your path.

This session will be held on Zoom and recorded for you to review when needed. 

1 hour $150

Ambassador Sc Consultation

1 hour $150

2 hours $300

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