About Dr. Rev. Druanna Johnston

Dr Rev Druanna Johnston an intuitive Empath, a certified Canfield Trainer, Business Coach, Webdesigner, Certified Hypnotist Instructor, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance 200 hours and world traveler. 

 Guiding others to tap into their own power and infinite consciousness. She had an awakening in Giza Egypt in October 2017 where she was led to the Pyramid of Cheops where she experienced her past life. 

She went to school at the Advertising Arts College in 1996 where she learned Computer Graphic Design, Multimedia, and Webdesign. 

About Darren Wails

Darren is a Graphic Artist, Webdesigner, a former international DJ and a Transformation Coach assisting his wife Druanna in guiding others to transform their lives and be the best versions of themselves! He is a world traveler and thrives on the excitement of learning about other cultures, and Ancient civilizations. He experienced many adventures and traveled many countries tapping into the ancient past. 

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